Sunday, October 21, 2018
ThemeProject TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)PI AffiliationProject (Start)Project (End)Total Budget
Air Quality ForecastingRapid Refreshing of Anthropogenic NOx Emissions Through Assimilated Fused Satellite and Ground ObservationsPius Lee & Daniel TongNOAA/OAR/ARL and NOAA/OAR/ARL, University of Maryland/AOSC6/1/20155/30/2016119,850.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingToward a Unified National Dust Modeling Capability: Data AssimilationMariusz Pagowski & Georg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL, Colorado State University/CIRA and NOAA/OAR/ESRL6/1/20155/30/2016126,038.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-filter/Analog Predictions of Surface PM2.5: Research to OperationsIrina Djalalova, James Wilczak & David AlluredUniversity of Colorado/CIRES and NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/1/20155/31/2016119,100.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingIn-Line Coupling of NMMB and CMAQ Models through NCEP's ESMF: Proof of Concept for Dust ForecastingRichard ArtzNOAA/OAR/ARL5/1/20154/30/2016124,430.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingToward and Unified National Dust Modeling CapabilityGeorg Grell & Pius LeeNOAA/OAR/ESRL and NOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20155/30/2016211,987.00 USD
Research to OperationsProbability of What? Understanding and Conveying Uncertainty through Probabilistic Hazard ServicesLans Rothfusz, Tracey Hansen, JJ Gourley, Harold Brooks, Russell Schneider, David Novak, Stephan Smith & Israel JirakNOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/OAR/GSD, NOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/NWS/SPC, NOAA/NWS/WPC, NOAA/NWS/MDL and NOAA/NWS/SPC6/1/20155/31/20184,924,900.00 USD
Research to OperationsRefinement and Evaluation of Automated High-Resolution Ensemble-Based Hazard Detection Guidance Tools for Transition to NWS OperationsStan Benjamin & David NovakNOAA/OAR/ESRL and NOAA/NWS/WPC6/1/20155/31/20182,250,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedAssessment of Gridded Hydrological Modeling for NWS Flash Flood OperationsLynn Johnson & James HalgrenColorado State University/ CIRA and Riverside Technology Inc.9/1/20158/31/2017249,682.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedDemonstration of Advanced Ensemble Prediction Services for NWS Hydrometeorological Forecast OperationsDavid Gochis, Rob Cifelli & Kelly MahoneyNCAR, NOAA/OAR/ESRL and CIRES/ESRL9/1/20158/31/2017249,999.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedMulti-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) HMT-Hydro ExperimentJonathan GourleyUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS and NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20158/31/2017247,750.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedStorm-Scale Ensemble Prediction Optimized for Heavy Precipitation Forecasting in Support of the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT)Ming XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017239,700.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedValidation and Improvement of Microphysical Parameterizations for Better Orographic Precipitation ForecastsDavid KingsmillUniversity of Colorado/CIRES9/1/20158/31/2017249,702.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedConvection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System for Prediction of Extreme WeatherGlen Romine & Michael ConiglioUCAR and CIMMS, NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20158/31/2017247,208.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedDeveloping and Evaluating GSI-based EnDK-Variational Hybrid Data Assimilation for NCEP NAMRR to Improve Convection-Allowing Hazardous WeatherXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017247,445.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedImproving Initial Conditions and their Perturbations through Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Optimized Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction in Support of HWT SevereMing XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017249,705.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedInformation Extraction and Verification of Convection-Allowing Models for Severe Hail ForecastingIsrael JirakNOAA/NWS/SPC9/1/20158/31/2017209,065.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedIntegration and Evaluation of ProbSevere within the Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) Tool in the Hazardous Weather TestbedKristin Calhoun, Wayne Feltz, Lans Rothfusz & Michael PavolonisUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS/NOAA/OAR/NSSL,University of Wisconsin-Madison/CIMSS, NOAA/OAR/NSSL and NOAA/NESDIS/STAR9/1/20158/31/2017226,829.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedProbabilistic Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Using Satellite Passive Microwave ImageryChris Rozoff & Chris VeldenUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20158/31/2017180,800.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovements in Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Forecast ModelsGalina Chirokova & Andrea SchumacherColorado State University/CIRA9/1/20158/31/2017168,380.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImproved Eyewall Replacement Cycle Forecasting Using a Modified Microwave-Based Algorithm (ARCHER)Anthony WimmersUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20158/31/201780,299.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement and Implementation of the Probability-based Microwave Ring Rapid Intensification Index for NHC/JTWC Forecast BasinsHaiyan JiangFlorida International University9/1/20158/31/2017187,494.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedGuidance on Observational Undersampling over the Tropical Cyclone LifecycleDavid Nolan & Eric UhlhornUniversity of Miami/RSMAS and NOAA/OAR/AOML9/1/20158/31/2017136,791.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedPassive Microwave Data Exploitation via the NRL Tropical Cyclone WebpageRichard BankertNRL9/17/20159/30/2017180,144.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement to the Tropical Cyclone Genesis Index (TCGI)Jason DunionUniversity of Miami/CIMAS9/1/20158/31/2017217,785.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedTransition to the Coastal and Estuarine Storm Tide Model to an Operational Model for Forecasting Storm SurgesKeqi ZhangFlorida International University9/1/20158/31/2017268,399.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-Filter/Analog Ensemble Predictions of Surface PM2.5 and OzoneJames Wilczak & Irina DjalalovaNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/11/20136/10/201498,700.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingData Reduction for Transport and Dispersion Ensemble ModelingRoland Draxler & Ariel SteinNOAA/OAR/ARL and ERT, Inc6/11/20136/10/2014109,664.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingEvaluation of Chemical Data Assimilation Systems for PM2.5 Observations Using WRF-Chem and CMAQGeorg Grell & Mariusz PagowskiNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD6/11/20136/10/2014235,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingProcess Investigations of Fine Particles In Atmospheric Chemistry ModelsRick SaylorNOAA/OAR/ARL6/11/20136/10/2014219,336.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingUsing SENEX-2013 Field Campaign Data to Support NCEP/EMC PM 2.5 Aerosol PredictionsStuart McKeen & Ravan AhmadovNOAA/OAR/ESRL/CSD6/11/20136/10/2014194,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-Filter/Analog Ensemble Predictions of Surface PM2.5 and OzoneJames Wilczak & Irina DjalalovaNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/1/20145/31/201598,700.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingApplying Recent Field Campaign Data in the Support of NCEP/EMC Air Quality ForecastsStuart McKeen & Ravan AhmadovNOAA/OAR/CSD6/1/20145/31/2015194,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingEvaluation of Chemical Data Assimilation Systems for PM2.5 Observations Using WRF-Chem and CMAQGeorg Grell & Mariusz PagowskiNOAA/OAR/GSD7/1/20146/30/2015235,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingApplication of Ensemble Techniques to Forecast Particulate Matter in the U.S.Roland Draxler & Ariel SteinNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20145/31/2015112,862.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingInvestigations Related to Simulation of Fine Particles in Atmospheric Chemistry ModelsRick SaylorNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20145/31/2015219,336.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingWorkshop: OAR/NWS Workshop on the Future Directions of USWRP Air Quality Forecasting ResearchVernon MorrisHoward University6/1/201412/31/201449,986.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Assessing Regional Sea-Ice Predictability in the U.S. Arctic - A Multi-Model ApproachCarol Ladd & Phyllis StabenoNOAA/OAR/PMEL6/1/20145/31/2017308,684.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Processes Impacting Sea-Ice Movement and Autumn Freeze-UpJanet IntrieriNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20149/30/2016745,477.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Development of an Earth System Component for Medium-range Predictability in Coastal Seas: Application on Gulf of Mexico Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia EpisodesGeorge HalliwellNOAA/OAR/AOML6/1/20145/31/2017399,112.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Variability and Coherence of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationMolly Baringer and Gustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML6/1/20145/31/2017239,175.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Enhancing Predictions of the Statistics of Extratropical Storms and Temperature ExtremesXiaosong YangNOAA/OAR/GFDL10/1/20149/30/2015150,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Verification of MJO, Blocking, and Extreme Precipitation in National Multi-Model Ensemble ForecastsBrian Gorton (POC)NOAA/OAR/ESRL10/1/20149/30/201575,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Identification of Predictability Processes Related to Atmospheric Blocking Toward the Goal of Improving Forecast Lead-Time of These EventsStan BenjaminNOAA/OAR/ESRL7/1/20146/30/201575,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Improving CFS Sea Ice Predictability through Understanding the Role of Atmospheric Forcing and Ice Thickness ContributionsJames OverlandNOAA/OAR/PMEL6/11/20145/31/2016149,093.00 USD
Field StudiesCollaborative Research: Measurement and Analysis of Nocturnal Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Stable Boundary Layer Environment during PECANConrad ZieglerNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/31/2015114,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Hazardous Weather TestbedJack Kain, Darrel Kingfield, Travis Smith & Kent KnopfmeierNOAA/OAR/NSSL and University of Oklahoma/CIMMS7/2/20137/1/2014150,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Hazardous Weather TestbedJack KainNOAA/OAR/NSSL7/1/20145/31/2016200,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) Hydro ExperimentJonathan GourleyNOAA/OAR/NSSL5/16/20148/15/201451,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Comparing Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Forecasts for Severe ThunderstormsHarold BrooksNOAA/OAR/NSSL4/1/20143/31/201526,599.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Big Data Analysis Methods to Derive Probability of Hazards Information (PHI)Kurt HondlNOAA/OAR/NSSL8/1/20143/31/201538,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Objective Probabilistic Guidance for Severe Weather OutbreaksPatrick MarshNOAA/NWS8/1/20147/31/201551,300.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Experimentation and Evaluation of Near Real-Time Tornado Damage PathsRichard SmithNOAA/NWS6/1/20148/15/201439,000.00 USD
High-Impact/Extreme WeatherHigh-Impact Weather Prediction Project (HIWPP)Tim SchneiderNOAA/ESRL/PSD10/1/20139/30/201512,905,000.00 USD
HydrometeorologyDevelop Improved Prediction of Inland FloodingPeter LambUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS11/1/201310/31/20161,278,165.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedHydrometeorology Testbed: Improving Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) for Extreme EventsRobert CifelliNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/11/20136/10/20141,000,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedImproving Extreme Quantitative Precipitation ForecastsRobert CifelliNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD10/1/20139/30/2014655,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedCalibrated Probabilistic Forecasts Based on GEFS Reforecasts and 1/8-degree CCPA AnalysesTom HamillNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD5/1/201410/1/201440,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedExplicit Forecasts of Recurrence Intervals for Rainfall: Evaluation and Implementation Using Convection-Allowing ModelsGary WickNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20145/31/201565,970.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedIntegrating GPM and Orographic Lifting into NOAA's QPE in Mountainous TerrainPaul NiemanNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD7/1/20146/30/201540,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedUpgrades to the Operational Monte Carlo Wind Speed Probability ProgramAndrea Schumacher & Mark DeMariaColorado State University and NOAA/NESDIS9/1/20138/31/201586,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedGuidance on Intensity GuidanceDavid Nolan & Andrea SchumacherUniversity of Miami/RSMAS and Colorado State University/CIRA9/1/20138/31/2015152,257.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement to the Satellite-Based 37 GHz Ring Rapid Intensification IndexJiang HaiyanFlorida International University9/1/20138/31/2015141,903.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedIntegration of an Objective, Automated Tropical Cyclone Center-Fixing Algorithm Based on Multispectral Satellite Imagery into NHC/TAFB OperationsAnthony Wimmers & Chris VeldenUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20138/31/2015221,300.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedADCIRCVIZ: A Visualization Application for Distributed ADCIRC based Coastal Storm Surge, Inundation, and Wave ModelingBrian Blanton & Rick LuettichUniversity of North Carolina9/1/20138/31/2015178,772.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImproving the GFD/GFDN Operatoinal Tropical Cyclone Models at NOAA/NCEP and Navy/FNMOCIsaac Ginis & Morris BenderUniversity of Rhode Island and NOAA/OAR/GFDL9/1/20138/31/2015327,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedProbabilistic Tropical Cyclone Genesis Forecast Tool Utilizing an Ensemble of Global ModelsBob Hart & Henry FuelbergFlorida State University9/1/20138/31/2013197,792.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedJHT InfrastructureChristopher LandseaNOAA/NWS/NCEP10/1/20139/30/2015520,000.00 USD
LibraryA Bibliometric Analysis of Articles Supported by the U.S. Weather Research ProgramChristopher Belter & Sarah DavisNOAA/NESDIS/NODC/LISD1/31/20146/30/201440,000.00 USD
ModelingEstimating Model Uncertainty in Global Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation and Ensemble PredictionsJeffrey Whitaker & Thomas HamillNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/11/20136/10/2015200,000.00 USD
ObservationsDevelopment of the Observing System Simulation ExperimentRobert Atlas, Yuanfu Xie & Zoltan TothNOAA/OAR/AOML NOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD University of Miami/CIMAS and University of WIsconsin/CIMSS6/11/20136/10/2014330,000.00 USD
ObservationsOcean Reference Station Observations Towards Improved Short-Term and Seasonal Hurricane PredictionsNicholas BondNOAA/OAR/PMEL10/1/201310/31/2015371,215.00 USD
ObservationsEvaluation of Earth Networks Total Lightning Products for NWS Warning Services in the Hazardous Weather TestbedKristin CalhounNOAA/OAR/NSSL10/1/201310/31/2015560,000.00 USD
ObservationsTargeted In-Situ Tropical Cyclone Observations from Ocean SensorsLuca CenturioniUniversity of California San Diego/CIMEC11/1/201310/31/2014700,000.00 USD
ObservationsThe Impact of Emerging Observing Technologies on Future Predictions of Hurricane Structure and Intensity ChangeJoseph CioneNOAA/OAR/AOML11/1/201310/30/20161,272,191.00 USD
ObservationsSustained and Targeted Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal ForecastsGustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML10/1/20139/30/2015700,000.00 USD
ObservationsAssimilation of Moisture and Precipitation Observations in Cloudy Regions of Hurricane Inner Core Environments to Improve Hurricane Intensity, Structure and PrecipitationChristian Kummerow & Milija ZupanskiColorado State University10/1/20136/30/2015607,800.00 USD
ObservationsThe Impact of Emerging Observing Technologies on Future Predictions of Hurricane Structure and Intensity Change (Part 2)Joseph CioneNOAA/OAR/AOML8/1/20149/30/201510,000.00 USD
ObservationsSustained and Targeted Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal Forecasts (Part 2)Gustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML8/1/20149/30/201521,006.00 USD
RadarNational Weather Radar Testbed - Advanced Technology DemonstratorKurt HondlNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/31/20178,700,000.00 USD
Social ScienceThe Impact of Uncertainty Information on Tornado Warning Response: Developing Recommendations for Warning Best PracticesRenee McPhersonUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20125/29/201575,110.00 USD
Social ScienceFlood Risk and Uncertainty: Assessing the National Weather Service's Forecast and Warning ToolsRachel Hogan CarrNature Nurture Center9/1/20125/29/2015153,735.00 USD
Social ScienceSocial and Behavioral Influences on Weather-Driven DecisionsKenneth GalluppiArizona State University9/1/201211/29/2015393,660.00 USD
Social ScienceUtilization of Real-Time Social Media Data in Severe Weather Events: A Proposal to Evaluate the Prospects of Social Media Data Use for Severe Weather Forecasting, Communication, and Post-Event AssessmentsCarol SilvaUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20125/29/2015249,930.00 USD
Social ScienceWorkshop: Life and Death Decisions: An Integrative Approach to Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Extreme WeatherLans RothfuszNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/29/201550,000.00 USD
Social ScienceAdvancing Social and Behavioral Science Research and Application within the Weather Enterprise (Contract)N/ANational Academy of Sciences3/8/20163/7/2018650,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingPost-Processing of CMAQ Air Quality Predictions: Research to OperationsIrina Djalalova & James WilczakUniversity of Colorado/CIRES NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20165/31/2019387,450.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingA Novel Ensemble Design for PM2.5 Probabilistic Predictions and Quantification of their UncertaintyLuca Delle MonacheNCAR6/1/20165/31/2019449,249.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingDeveloping a unified online air quality forecasting system based on CMAQ and NGGPSGeorg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD6/1/20165/31/2019442,343.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingTowards the Improvement of Chemical Lateral Boundary Conditions for the NAQFCZhining TaoUniversities Space Research Association/NASA Goodard6/1/20165/31/2019431,855.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingTop-down Estimation of Wildfire Smoke Emission Based on HYSPLIT Model and NOAA NESDIS GOES Aerosol/Smoke Products to Improve Smoke Forecasts in the USTianfeng ChaiUniversity of Maryland/CICS6/1/20165/31/2019335,805.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingImproving Spatial Resolution of Wildland Fire Location and Fuel Biomass Data Inputs to NOAA's NAQFCStacy DrurySonoma Technology Inc.6/1/20165/31/2017149,966.00 USD
ObservationsEnhanced surface and boundary layer observations by OAR/ARL/ATDD in support of the Land-Atmospheric Feedback Experiment (LAFE)Tilden MyersNOAA/OAR/ARL/ATDD9/1/201611/30/201793,000.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Collaborative Research: Online Hazard Communication in the Terse Regime."Jeannette Sutton and Carter ButtsUniversity of Kentucky and UC Irvine9/1/20169/1/201799,941.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Improving Public Response to Weather Warnings."Susan JoslynUniversity of Washington9/1/20169/1/2019100,001.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Next Generation, Resilient Warning Systems for Tornadoes and Flash Floods."Brenda Philips and Joseph TrainorUMass Amherst and University of Delaware9/1/20169/1/201799,986.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving Probabilistic Forecasts of Extreme Rainfall through Intelligent Processing of High-Resolution Ensemble PredictionsRuss SchumacherColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018223,420.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of Advanced Multi-Sensor Analysis and Data Fusion Algorithms for Real-Time High-Resolution Quantitative Precipitation EstimationDong-Jun Seo and Lin TangThe University of Texas at Arlington and the Tuniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS10/1/20169/30/2018385,988.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssessing the impact of assimilating ground-based infrared radiometer data into convective-scale numerical weather prediction modelsTim WagnerThe University of Wisconsin, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies10/1/20169/30/2018342,157.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDevelopment and Implementation of Probabilistic Hail Forecast Products using Multi-Moment Microphysics and Machine Learning AlgorithmsNathan Snook, Ming Xue, Youngsun Jung, and Amy McGovernThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2018335,084.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving Hydrologic Observing Capabilities with Stream RadarsDaniel WasielewskiThe University of Oklahoma, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2018591,902.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeQuantifying Stochastic Forcing at Convective ScalesDavid RandallColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018366,470.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDevelopment of NWS convective scale ensemble forecasting capability through improving GSI-based hybrid ensemble-variational data assimilation and evaluating the multi-dynamic core approachXugang WangThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2018449,205.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAccounting for non-Gaussianity in the background error distributions associated with cloud-related variables (microwave radiances and hydrometeors) in hybrid data assimilation for convective-scale predictionKarina Apodaca and Steven FletcherColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018304,677.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDemonstration of an Airborne Hyperspectral and Thermal Imaging System to Assess Convective Lifted IndexSteven BrooksThe University of Tennessee10/1/20169/30/2018365,590.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssimilation of Remote Sensing Observations into Convective-scale NWP to Improve 0-6 h Probabilistic Forecasts of High Impact WeatherNusrat Yussouf, Thomas Jones, and Xugang WangThe University of Oklahoma, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2018426,949.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssimilation of Lake and Reservoir Levels into the WRF-Hydro National Water Model to Improve Operational Hydrologic PredictionsDavid Gochis, Allen Burton Jr., Lynn Johnson, and Andrew WoodUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Colorado State University/Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, National Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20169/30/2018494,991.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeOperationalizing an Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI) service for drought monitoring and early warning across CONUSRobert Webb, Roger Pulwarty, and Michael HobbinsNOAA/ESRL/PSD,NOAA/ESRL/PSD and National Integrated Drought Information Systems, University of Colorado and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences7/1/20166/30/2019890,730.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeUpgrades and Improvements to MRMSKenneth Howard and Jennifer GuillotNOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/NWS8/1/20167/31/20191,774,063.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedInfrastructure SupportChris Landsea & Shirley MurilloNOAA/NWS/National Hurricane Center, NOAA/OAR/Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017130,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedInfrastructure SupportLans RothfuszNOAA/OAR/National Severe Storms Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017142,389.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedInfrastructure SupportJames Nelson & Lisa DarbyNOAA/NWS/Weather Prediction Center, NOAA/OAR/Earth System Research Laboratory/Physical Sciences Division1/1/201712/31/2017220,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedInfrastructure Support for the Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDavid Novak & Robert WebbNOAA/NWS/National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Weather Prediction Center, NOAA/OAR/Earth System Research Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017284,906.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedScience support proposal for the Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeLans Rothfusz & Alan GerardNOAA/OAR/National Severe Storms Laboratory1/1/201612/31/2017284,906.00 USD
InfrasoundAugmentation of VORTEX-SE Intensive Observations Period Measurements with Infrasound Observations to Detect and Track TornadoesCarrick TalmadgeUniversity of Mississippi10/1/201612/31/2017249,697.00 USD
InfrasoundDirect detection of tornadoes using Infrasound remote sensing: assessment of capabilities through comparison with dual polarization radar and other direct detection measurementsHank Reinhart & Kevin KnuppGeneral Atomics, University of Alabama in Huntsville10/1/20169/30/2017243,272.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedConvection-Allowing Ensemble Prediction for Heavy Precipitation in Support of the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT): New QPF Products, Data Assimilation Techniques and Prediction ModelMing XueThe University of Oklahoma7/1/20176/30/2019289,961.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedEnabling Effective Use of Deterministic-to-Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasts for Heavy and Extreme EventsTara JensenNCAR7/1/20176/30/2019299,074.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedComparison of Model versus Observationally-Driven Water Vapor Profiles for Forecasting Heavy Precipitation EventsJohn ForsytheColorado State University/CIRA7/1/20176/30/2019267,429.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedDemonstration of a Rapid Update Convection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System to Improve Hazardous Weather PredictionGlen RomineNCAR7/1/20176/30/2019285,593.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedImproving NWS Convection Allowing Hazardous Weather Ensemble Forecasts through Optimizing Multi-Scale Initial Condition (IC) PerturbationsXuguang WangThe University of Oklahoma/CIMMS7/1/20176/30/2019277,184.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedEvaluating stochastic physics approaches within select Convection Allowing Model (CAM) members included in the Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble (CLUE) during the Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) Spring ExperimentJamie Wolff & Isidora JankovNCAR, Colorado State University/CIRA7/1/20176/30/2019297,391.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedDeveloping an objective evaluation scorecard for storm scale predictionTara JensenNCAR7/1/20176/30/2019298,703.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovements and extensions to an existing probabilistic genesis forecast tool using an ensemble of global modelsRobert HartFlorida State University7/1/20176/30/2019149,883.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeResearch to Operations WorkshopWilliam KuoUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research8/1/20177/31/2018107,085.00 USD
Social ScienceAn Examination of the State of Knowledge on Risk Perceptions and Understanding Response to Uncertainty InformationTeri ClarkHoward University8/1/20177/31/201887,649.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedDemonstration of a Rapid Update Convection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System to Improve Flash Flood and Winter Weather PredictionGlen RomineNCAR7/1/20176/30/2019293,080.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedImproving Lake-Effect Snow and Ice Forecasting for the Great Lakes RegionPhilip ChuGLERL7/1/20176/30/2019299,091.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedAssessment of Hydrologic Forecasts Generated Using Multi-Model and Multi-Precipitation Product ForcingWitold KrajewskiUniversity of Iowa7/1/20176/30/2019251,357.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeProbabilistic Warn-on-Forecast System for Heavy Rainfall and Flash FloodingSteven Martinaitis & Jonathan GourleyOU/CIMMS and University of California San Diego/CIMEC10/1/20179/30/2019236,052.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeQuantifying Observational Requirements for WRF-Hydro Forcing in the West Using Russian River HMT Experience and Data to Inform National Water Center ToolsFred RalphUniversity of California San Diego/CIMEC7/1/20176/30/2019299,883.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedIntegration of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Azimuthal Shear into a CONUS Conditional Probability of Tornado Intensity Product in the Hazardous Weather TestbedMatthew Mahalik & Alan GerardThe University of Oklahoma/CIMMS & NSSL7/1/20176/30/2019144,951.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDevelopment and Optimization of Radar-Assimilating Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction in Support of HWT Spring ExperimentsMing XueThe University of Oklahoma/CAPS7/1/20176/30/2019290,837.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving the design and utility to severe weather forecasters of convection permitting ensembles through application of a probabilistic object-based post-processing and verification techniqueAaron JohnsonThe University of Oklahoma7/1/20176/30/2019226,163.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovements to Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecast Models using Wind Structure and Eye PredictorsGalina Chirokova & John KaplanColorado State University/CIRA, AOML/HRD8/1/20177/31/2019174,265.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedEvolutionary Programming for Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Intensity ForecastsPaul RoebberUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee7/1/20176/30/2019199,527.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedEnsemble-based Pre-genesis Watches and Warnings for Atlantic and North Pacific Tropical CyclonesRussell ElsberryUniversity of Colorado - Colorado Springs7/1/20176/30/2019107,007.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedTransition of Machine-Learning Based Rapid Intensification Forecasts to OperationsAndrew MercerMississippi State University/Northern Gulf Institute7/1/20176/30/2019203,373.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedEstimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Satellite Passive Microwave ObservationsHaiyan JiangFlorida International University7/1/20176/30/2019199,773.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeFACETs: Developing operationally-ready Hazard Services-Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) for convective hazardsTracy HansenNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD11/1/201710/31/20202,241,355.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeForecast Guidance for Aviation Tactical Operations and Strategic Planning over AlaskaJudy GhirardelliNOAA/NWS/STI/DFSB11/1/201710/31/20201,105,000.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeINSITE: Integrated Support for Impacted air Traffic EnvironmentsJoshua ScheckNOAA/NWS/NCEP1/1/201812/31/20201,695,000.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeExtending the Rapidly-Updating Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) to Three Dimensions for Whole-Atmosphere Situational Awareness and Analysis of RecordCurtis AlexanderNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD11/1/201710/31/20201,143,000.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving the prediction of subseasonal global rainfall variability through the use of a scale-adaptive stochastic physics suiteJian-Wen BaoNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD9/1/20178/31/20201,071,430.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeProbabilistic precipitation rate estimates from ground-radar for hydrologyPierre-Emmanuel KirstetterUniversity of Oklahoma8/1/20177/31/2019387,220.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssessing the Impact of Stochastic Cloud Microphysics in Convection-Resolving Models Using GOES-R Satellite ObservationsJason Otkin, Gregory Thompson, & Fanyou KongUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison/CIMSS, NCAR, and University of Oklahoma8/1/20177/31/2019544,581.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of streamflow data assimilator for the National Water Model to improve water prediction and analysisSeongjin Noh & James McCreightUniversity of Texas-Arlington and NCAR8/1/20177/31/2019248,994.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeUse of the Stochastic-dynamic Approach in a Single Dynamic-Core Storm-Scale Ensemble for Improved Spread and Reliability of QPF and Surface VariablesIsidora Jankov, Judith Berner, & Joseph OlsonColorado State University/CIRA, NCAR, and CIRES8/1/20177/31/2019542,318.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Dual-Polarization Radar Synthetic QPEStephen CocksUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS8/1/20177/31/2019343,377.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeForecast system development activities toward a convective-scale HRRR ensembleGlen RomineNCAR8/1/20177/31/2019530,134.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeMulti-Sensor Merged Quantitative Precipitation Estimations for Improved Precipitation Coverage and AccuracySteven MartinaitisUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS8/1/20177/31/2019276,456.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of Nested Hyper-Resolution Modeling with Data Assimilation for the National Water ModelDong-Jun SeoUniversity of Texas-Arlington8/1/20177/31/2019281,790.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImprovement of WRF-Hydro National Water Model architecture and calibration methods for semi-arid environments with complex terrainChristopher CastroUniversity of Arizona8/1/20177/31/2019367,453.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of a three-dimensional hydrometeor classification algorithm within the Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor systemHeather ReevesUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS8/1/20177/31/2019358,207.00 USD
ObservationsOAR/AOML OSSE Activities in support of APARBob AtlasNOAA/OAR/AOML6/1/20175/31/201875,000.00 USD
ModelingApplication and Evaluation of the Finite-Volume Cubed Sphere Model (FV3) at Convection-Allowing Scales for Severe Weather ForecastingAdam ClarkNOAA/OAR/NSSL7/1/201712/31/2019250,000.00 USD
ModelingOAR Hurricane Moving NestSundararaman Goalakrishnan & Frank MarksNOAA/OAR/AOML7/1/20176/30/2018305,000.00 USD
InfrasoundEvaluation and Improvements of Tornado Detection using Infrasound Remote Sensing: Comparative Analysis of Infrasound, Radar, Profiler, and Meteorological Data Sets, and Potential Impacts on NOAA/NWS OperationsHank Rinehart & Kevin KnuppGeneral Atomics and University of Alabama-Huntsville10/1/20179/30/2018249,932.00 USD
InfrasoundInfrasound Detection of TornadoesRoger WaxlerUniversity of Mississippi9/1/201712/31/2018249,765.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Building a Distributed Earth System Model Development CommunityCecelia DeLucaNOAA/OAR/ESRL, CIRES6/1/20176/1/2018317,775.77 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Critical Steps toward a National Global Ocean Modeling Capability in Support of ESPCRobert Hallberg & Eric ChassignetNOAA/OAR/GFDL and COAPS FSU10/1/20179/30/2018186,000.00 USD