Notice of Funding Opportunity FAQs

OWAQ is committed to facilitating an efficient, straightforward, and inclusive grants application process. Through surveys, in-person discussions, email, and more, we have collected feedback about the process to incorporate in the development of a new competition schedule. OWAQ recognizes that the grants process can be difficult, time-intensive, and potentially confusing at times for all parties, including applicants, institutions, reviewers, and grants management teams. The Notice of Funding Opportunity for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20 NOFO) was developed with this in mind. For more information, visit or email us as

The FY20 NOFO deadlines were selected with a goal of having all applications completed before the holiday season begins. A submission deadline of November 20 allows applicants to focus on end-of-semester tasks, preparation for major professional meetings and conferences, and other obligations. In addition, by selecting projects for funding in April, student support may be prior to making other summer commitments. Due to these considerations, the entire proposal timeline was moved forward to ensure that applicants, reviewers, and program managers have sufficient time and flexibility to effectively complete the grants process.

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