Tuesday, June 27, 2017
ThemeProject TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)PI AffiliationProject (Start)Project (End)Total Budget
Air Quality ForecastingRapid Refreshing of Anthropogenic NOx Emissions Through Assimilated Fused Satellite and Ground ObservationsPius Lee & Daniel TongNOAA/OAR/ARL and NOAA/OAR/ARL, University of Maryland/AOSC6/1/20155/30/2016119,850.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingToward a Unified National Dust Modeling Capability: Data AssimilationMariusz Pagowski & Georg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL, Colorado State University/CIRA and NOAA/OAR/ESRL6/1/20155/30/2016126,038.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-filter/Analog Predictions of Surface PM2.5: Research to OperationsIrina Djalalova, James Wilczak & David AlluredUniversity of Colorado/CIRES and NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/1/20155/31/2016119,100.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingIn-Line Coupling of NMMB and CMAQ Models through NCEP's ESMF: Proof of Concept for Dust ForecastingRichard ArtzNOAA/OAR/ARL5/1/20154/30/2016124,430.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingToward and Unified National Dust Modeling CapabilityGeorg Grell & Pius LeeNOAA/OAR/ESRL and NOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20155/30/2016211,987.00 USD
Research to OperationsProbability of What? Understanding and Conveying Uncertainty through Probabilistic Hazard ServicesLans Rothfusz, Tracey Hansen, JJ Gourley, Harold Brooks, Russell Schneider, David Novak, Stephan Smith & Israel JirakNOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/OAR/GSD, NOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/NWS/SPC, NOAA/NWS/WPC, NOAA/NWS/MDL and NOAA/NWS/SPC6/1/20155/31/20184,924,900.00 USD
Research to OperationsRefinement and Evaluation of Automated High-Resolution Ensemble-Based Hazard Detection Guidance Tools for Transition to NWS OperationsStan Benjamin & David NovakNOAA/OAR/ESRL and NOAA/NWS/WPC6/1/20155/31/20182,250,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedAssessment of Gridded Hydrological Modeling for NWS Flash Flood OperationsLynn Johnson & James HalgrenColorado State University/ CIRA and Riverside Technology Inc.9/1/20158/31/2017249,682.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedDemonstration of Advanced Ensemble Prediction Services for NWS Hydrometeorological Forecast OperationsDavid Gochis, Rob Cifelli & Kelly MahoneyNCAR, NOAA/OAR/ESRL and CIRES/ESRL9/1/20158/31/2017249,999.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedMulti-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) HMT-Hydro ExperimentJonathan GourleyUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS and NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20158/31/2017247,750.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedStorm-Scale Ensemble Prediction Optimized for Heavy Precipitation Forecasting in Support of the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT)Ming XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017239,700.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedValidation and Improvement of Microphysical Parameterizations for Better Orographic Precipitation ForecastsDavid KingsmillUniversity of Colorado/CIRES9/1/20158/31/2017249,702.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedConvection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System for Prediction of Extreme WeatherGlen Romine & Michael ConiglioUCAR and CIMMS, NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20158/31/2017247,208.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedDeveloping and Evaluating GSI-based EnDK-Variational Hybrid Data Assimilation for NCEP NAMRR to Improve Convection-Allowing Hazardous WeatherXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017247,445.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedImproving Initial Conditions and their Perturbations through Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Optimized Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction in Support of HWT SevereMing XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017249,705.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedInformation Extraction and Verification of Convection-Allowing Models for Severe Hail ForecastingIsrael Jirak NOAA/NWS/SPC9/1/20158/31/2017209,065.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedIntegration and Evaluation of ProbSevere within the Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) Tool in the Hazardous Weather TestbedKristin Calhoun, Wayne Feltz, Lans Rothfusz & Michael PavolonisUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS/NOAA/OAR/NSSL,University of Wisconsin-Madison/CIMSS, NOAA/OAR/NSSL and NOAA/NESDIS/STAR9/1/20158/31/2017226,829.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedProbabilistic Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Using Satellite Passive Microwave ImageryChris Rozoff & Chris VeldenUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20158/31/2017180,800.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovements in Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Forecast ModelsGalina Chirokova & Andrea SchumacherColorado State University/CIRA9/1/20158/31/2017168,380.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImproved Eyewall Replacement Cycle Forecasting Using a Modified Microwave-Based Algorithm (ARCHER)Anthony WimmersUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20158/31/201780,299.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement and Implementation of the Probability-based Microwave Ring Rapid Intensification Index for NHC/JTWC Forecast BasinsHaiyan JiangFlorida International University9/1/20158/31/2017187,494.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedGuidance on Observational Undersampling over the Tropical Cyclone LifecycleDavid Nolan & Eric UhlhornUniversity of Miami/RSMAS and NOAA/OAR/AOML9/1/20158/31/2017136,791.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedPassive Microwave Data Exploitation via the NRL Tropical Cyclone WebpageRichard BankertNRL9/17/20159/30/2017180,144.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement to the Tropical Cyclone Genesis Index (TCGI)Jason DunionUniversity of Miami/CIMAS9/1/20158/31/2017217,785.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedTransition to the Coastal and Estuarine Storm Tide Model to an Operational Model for Forecasting Storm SurgesKeqi ZhangFlorida International University9/1/20158/31/2017268,399.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-Filter/Analog Ensemble Predictions of Surface PM2.5 and OzoneJames Wilczak & Irina DjalalovaNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/11/20136/10/201498,700.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingData Reduction for Transport and Dispersion Ensemble ModelingRoland Draxler & Ariel SteinNOAA/OAR/ARL and ERT, Inc6/11/20136/10/2014109,664.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingEvaluation of Chemical Data Assimilation Systems for PM2.5 Observations Using WRF-Chem and CMAQGeorg Grell & Mariusz PagowskiNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD6/11/20136/10/2014235,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingProcess Investigations of Fine Particles In Atmospheric Chemistry ModelsRick SaylorNOAA/OAR/ARL6/11/20136/10/2014219,336.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingUsing SENEX-2013 Field Campaign Data to Support NCEP/EMC PM 2.5 Aerosol PredictionsStuart McKeen & Ravan AhmadovNOAA/OAR/ESRL/CSD6/11/20136/10/2014194,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingKalman-Filter/Analog Ensemble Predictions of Surface PM2.5 and OzoneJames Wilczak & Irina DjalalovaNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and University of Colorado/CIRES6/1/20145/31/201598,700.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingApplying Recent Field Campaign Data in the Support of NCEP/EMC Air Quality ForecastsStuart McKeen & Ravan AhmadovNOAA/OAR/CSD6/1/20145/31/2015194,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingEvaluation of Chemical Data Assimilation Systems for PM2.5 Observations Using WRF-Chem and CMAQGeorg Grell & Mariusz PagowskiNOAA/OAR/GSD7/1/20146/30/2015235,000.00 USD
Air Quality Forecasting Application of Ensemble Techniques to Forecast Particulate Matter in the U.S.Roland Draxler & Ariel SteinNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20145/31/2015112,862.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingInvestigations Related to Simulation of Fine Particles in Atmospheric Chemistry ModelsRick SaylorNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20145/31/2015219,336.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingWorkshop: OAR/NWS Workshop on the Future Directions of USWRP Air Quality Forecasting ResearchVernon MorrisHoward University6/1/201412/31/201449,986.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Assessing Regional Sea-Ice Predictability in the U.S. Arctic - A Multi-Model ApproachCarol Ladd & Phyllis StabenoNOAA/OAR/PMEL6/1/20145/31/2017308,684.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Processes Impacting Sea-Ice Movement and Autumn Freeze-UpJanet IntrieriNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20149/30/2016745,477.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Development of an Earth System Component for Medium-range Predictability in Coastal Seas: Application on Gulf of Mexico Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia EpisodesGeorge HalliwellNOAA/OAR/AOML6/1/20145/31/2017399,112.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Variability and Coherence of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationMolly Baringer and Gustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML6/1/20145/31/2017239,175.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Enhancing Predictions of the Statistics of Extratropical Storms and Temperature ExtremesXiaosong YangNOAA/OAR/GFDL10/1/20149/30/2015150,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Verification of MJO, Blocking, and Extreme Precipitation in National Multi-Model Ensemble ForecastsBrian Gorton (POC)NOAA/OAR/ESRL10/1/20149/30/201575,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Identification of Predictability Processes Related to Atmospheric Blocking Toward the Goal of Improving Forecast Lead-Time of These EventsStan BenjaminNOAA/OAR/ESRL7/1/20146/30/201575,000.00 USD
Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC)Improving CFS Sea Ice Predictability through Understanding the Role of Atmospheric Forcing and Ice Thickness ContributionsJames OverlandNOAA/OAR/PMEL6/11/20145/31/2016149,093.00 USD
Field StudiesCollaborative Research: Measurement and Analysis of Nocturnal Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Stable Boundary Layer Environment during PECANConrad ZieglerNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/31/2015114,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Hazardous Weather TestbedJack Kain, Darrel Kingfield, Travis Smith & Kent KnopfmeierNOAA/OAR/NSSL and University of Oklahoma/CIMMS7/2/20137/1/2014150,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Hazardous Weather TestbedJack KainNOAA/OAR/NSSL7/1/20145/31/2016200,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) Hydro ExperimentJonathan GourleyNOAA/OAR/NSSL5/16/20148/15/201451,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Comparing Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Forecasts for Severe ThunderstormsHarold BrooksNOAA/OAR/NSSL4/1/20143/31/201526,599.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Big Data Analysis Methods to Derive Probability of Hazards Information (PHI) Kurt HondlNOAA/OAR/NSSL8/1/20143/31/201538,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Objective Probabilistic Guidance for Severe Weather OutbreaksPatrick MarshNOAA/NWS8/1/20147/31/201551,300.00 USD
Hazardous Weather Testbed (Severe Convection)Experimentation and Evaluation of Near Real-Time Tornado Damage PathsRichard SmithNOAA/NWS6/1/20148/15/201439,000.00 USD
High-Impact/Extreme WeatherHigh-Impact Weather Prediction Project (HIWPP)Tim SchneiderNOAA/ESRL/PSD10/1/20139/30/201512,905,000.00 USD
HydrometeorologyDevelop Improved Prediction of Inland FloodingPeter LambUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS11/1/201310/31/20161,278,165.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedHydrometeorology Testbed: Improving Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) for Extreme EventsRobert CifelliNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/11/20136/10/20141,000,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedImproving Extreme Quantitative Precipitation ForecastsRobert CifelliNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD10/1/20139/30/2014655,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedCalibrated Probabilistic Forecasts Based on GEFS Reforecasts and 1/8-degree CCPA AnalysesTom HamillNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD5/1/201410/1/201440,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedExplicit Forecasts of Recurrence Intervals for Rainfall: Evaluation and Implementation Using Convection-Allowing ModelsGary WickNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20145/31/201565,970.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedIntegrating GPM and Orographic Lifting into NOAA's QPE in Mountainous TerrainPaul NiemanNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD7/1/20146/30/201540,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedUpgrades to the Operational Monte Carlo Wind Speed Probability ProgramAndrea Schumacher & Mark DeMariaColorado State University and NOAA/NESDIS9/1/20138/31/201586,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedGuidance on Intensity GuidanceDavid Nolan & Andrea SchumacherUniversity of Miami/RSMAS and Colorado State University/CIRA9/1/20138/31/2015152,257.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImprovement to the Satellite-Based 37 GHz Ring Rapid Intensification IndexJiang HaiyanFlorida International University9/1/20138/31/2015141,903.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedIntegration of an Objective, Automated Tropical Cyclone Center-Fixing Algorithm Based on Multispectral Satellite Imagery into NHC/TAFB OperationsAnthony Wimmers & Chris VeldenUniversity of Wisconsin/CIMSS9/1/20138/31/2015221,300.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedADCIRCVIZ: A Visualization Application for Distributed ADCIRC based Coastal Storm Surge, Inundation, and Wave ModelingBrian Blanton & Rick LuettichUniversity of North Carolina9/1/20138/31/2015178,772.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedImproving the GFD/GFDN Operatoinal Tropical Cyclone Models at NOAA/NCEP and Navy/FNMOCIsaac Ginis & Morris BenderUniversity of Rhode Island and NOAA/OAR/GFDL9/1/20138/31/2015327,000.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedProbabilistic Tropical Cyclone Genesis Forecast Tool Utilizing an Ensemble of Global ModelsBob Hart & Henry FuelbergFlorida State University9/1/20138/31/2013197,792.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedJHT InfrastructureChristopher LandseaNOAA/NWS/NCEP10/1/20139/30/2015520,000.00 USD
LibraryA Bibliometric Analysis of Articles Supported by the U.S. Weather Research ProgramChristopher Belter & Sarah DavisNOAA/NESDIS/NODC/LISD1/31/20146/30/201440,000.00 USD
ModelingEstimating Model Uncertainty in Global Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation and Ensemble PredictionsJeffrey Whitaker & Thomas HamillNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/11/20136/10/2015200,000.00 USD
ObservationsDevelopment of the Observing System Simulation ExperimentRobert Atlas, Yuanfu Xie & Zoltan TothNOAA/OAR/AOML NOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD University of Miami/CIMAS and University of WIsconsin/CIMSS6/11/20136/10/2014330,000.00 USD
ObservationsOcean Reference Station Observations Towards Improved Short-Term and Seasonal Hurricane PredictionsNicholas BondNOAA/OAR/PMEL10/1/201310/31/2015371,215.00 USD
ObservationsEvaluation of Earth Networks Total Lightning Products for NWS Warning Services in the Hazardous Weather TestbedKristin CalhounNOAA/OAR/NSSL10/1/201310/31/2015560,000.00 USD
ObservationsTargeted In-Situ Tropical Cyclone Observations from Ocean SensorsLuca CenturioniUniversity of California San Diego/CIMEC11/1/201310/31/2014700,000.00 USD
ObservationsThe Impact of Emerging Observing Technologies on Future Predictions of Hurricane Structure and Intensity ChangeJoseph CioneNOAA/OAR/AOML11/1/201310/30/20161,272,191.00 USD
ObservationsSustained and Targeted Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal ForecastsGustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML10/1/20139/30/2015700,000.00 USD
ObservationsAssimilation of Moisture and Precipitation Observations in Cloudy Regions of Hurricane Inner Core Environments to Improve Hurricane Intensity, Structure and PrecipitationChristian Kummerow & Milija ZupanskiColorado State University10/1/20136/30/2015607,800.00 USD
ObservationsThe Impact of Emerging Observing Technologies on Future Predictions of Hurricane Structure and Intensity Change (Part 2)Joseph CioneNOAA/OAR/AOML8/1/20149/30/201510,000.00 USD
ObservationsSustained and Targeted Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal Forecasts (Part 2)Gustavo GoniNOAA/OAR/AOML8/1/20149/30/201521,006.00 USD
RadarNational Weather Radar Testbed - Advanced Technology DemonstratorKurt HondlNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/31/20178,700,000.00 USD
Social ScienceThe Impact of Uncertainty Information on Tornado Warning Response: Developing Recommendations for Warning Best PracticesRenee McPhersonUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20125/29/201575,110.00 USD
Social ScienceFlood Risk and Uncertainty: Assessing the National Weather Service's Forecast and Warning ToolsRachel Hogan CarrNature Nurture Center9/1/20125/29/2015153,735.00 USD
Social ScienceSocial and Behavioral Influences on Weather-Driven DecisionsKenneth GalluppiArizona State University9/1/201211/29/2015393,660.00 USD
Social ScienceUtilization of Real-Time Social Media Data in Severe Weather Events: A Proposal to Evaluate the Prospects of Social Media Data Use for Severe Weather Forecasting, Communication, and Post-Event AssessmentsCarol SilvaUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20125/29/2015249,930.00 USD
Social ScienceWorkshop: Life and Death Decisions: An Integrative Approach to Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Extreme WeatherLans RothfuszNOAA/OAR/NSSL6/1/20145/29/201550,000.00 USD
Social ScienceAdvancing Social and Behavioral Science Research and Application within the Weather Enterprise (Contract)N/ANational Academy of Sciences3/8/20163/7/2018650,000.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingPost-Processing of CMAQ Air Quality Predictions: Research to OperationsIrina Djalalova & James WilczakUniversity of Colorado/CIRES NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD and NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD6/1/20165/31/2019387,450.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingA Novel Ensemble Design for PM2.5 Probabilistic Predictions and Quantification of their UncertaintyLuca Delle MonacheNCAR6/1/20165/31/2019449,249.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingDeveloping a unified online air quality forecasting system based on CMAQ and NGGPSGeorg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD6/1/20165/31/2019442,343.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingTowards the Improvement of Chemical Lateral Boundary Conditions for the NAQFCZhining TaoUniversities Space Research Association/NASA Goodard6/1/20165/31/2019431,855.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingTop-down Estimation of Wildfire Smoke Emission Based on HYSPLIT Model and NOAA NESDIS GOES Aerosol/Smoke Products to Improve Smoke Forecasts in the USTianfeng ChaiUniversity of Maryland/CICS6/1/20165/31/2019335,805.00 USD
Air Quality ForecastingImproving Spatial Resolution of Wildland Fire Location and Fuel Biomass Data Inputs to NOAA's NAQFCStacy DrurySonoma Technology Inc.6/1/20165/31/2017149,966.00 USD
ObservationsEnhanced surface and boundary layer observations by OAR/ARL/ATDD in support of the Land-Atmospheric Feedback Experiment (LAFE)Tilden MyersNOAA/OAR/ARL/ATDD9/1/201611/30/201793,000.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Collaborative Research: Online Hazard Communication in the Terse Regime."Jeannette Sutton and Carter ButtsUniversity of Kentucky and UC Irvine9/1/20169/1/201799,941.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Improving Public Response to Weather Warnings."Susan JoslynUniversity of Washington9/1/20169/1/2019100,001.00 USD
Social ScienceSupplement to NSF award "Next Generation, Resilient Warning Systems for Tornadoes and Flash Floods."Brenda Philips and Joseph TrainorUMass Amherst and University of Delaware9/1/20169/1/201799,986.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving Probabilistic Forecasts of Extreme Rainfall through Intelligent Processing of High-Resolution Ensemble PredictionsRuss SchumacherColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018223,420.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImplementation of Advanced Multi-Sensor Analysis and Data Fusion Algorithms for Real-Time High-Resolution Quantitative Precipitation EstimationDong-Jun Seo and Lin TangThe University of Texas at Arlington and the Tuniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS10/1/20169/30/2018385,988.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssessing the impact of assimilating ground-based infrared radiometer data into convective-scale numerical weather prediction modelsTim WagnerThe University of Wisconsin, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies10/1/20169/30/2018342,157.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDevelopment and Implementation of Probabilistic Hail Forecast Products using Multi-Moment Microphysics and Machine Learning AlgorithmsNathan Snook, Ming Xue, Youngsun Jung, and Amy McGovernThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2018335,084.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeImproving Hydrologic Observing Capabilities with Stream RadarsDaniel WasielewskiThe University of Oklahoma, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2018591,902.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeQuantifying Stochastic Forcing at Convective ScalesDavid RandallColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018366,470.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDevelopment of NWS convective scale ensemble forecasting capability through improving GSI-based hybrid ensemble-variational data assimilation and evaluating the multi-dynamic core approachXugang WangThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2018449,205.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAccounting for non-Gaussianity in the background error distributions associated with cloud-related variables (microwave radiances and hydrometeors) in hybrid data assimilation for convective-scale predictionKarina Apodaca and Steven FletcherColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2018304,677.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDemonstration of an Airborne Hyperspectral and Thermal Imaging System to Assess Convective Lifted IndexSteven BrooksThe University of Tennessee10/1/20169/30/2018365,590.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssimilation of Remote Sensing Observations into Convective-scale NWP to Improve 0-6 h Probabilistic Forecasts of High Impact WeatherNusrat Yussouf, Thomas Jones, and Xugang WangThe University of Oklahoma, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2018426,949.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeAssimilation of Lake and Reservoir Levels into the WRF-Hydro National Water Model to Improve Operational Hydrologic PredictionsDavid Gochis, Allen Burton Jr., Lynn Johnson, and Andrew WoodUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Colorado State University/Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, National Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20169/30/2018494,991.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeOperationalizing an Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI) service for drought monitoring and early warningRobert Webb, Roger Pulwarty, and Michael HobbinsNOAA/ESRL/PSD,NOAA/ESRL/PSD and National Integrated Drought Information Systems, University of Colorado and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences7/1/20166/30/2017257,604.00 USD
Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeUpgrades and Improvements to MRMSKenneth Howard and Jennifer GuillotNOAA/OAR/NSSL, NOAA/NWS8/1/20167/31/2017574,063.00 USD
Joint Hurricane TestbedInfrastructure SupportChris Landsea & Shirley MurilloNOAA/NWS/National Hurricane Center, NOAA/OAR/Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017130,000.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedInfrastructure SupportLans RothfuszNOAA/OAR/National Severe Storms Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017142,389.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedInfrastructure SupportJames Nelson & Lisa DarbyNOAA/NWS/Weather Prediction Center, NOAA/OAR/Earth System Research Laboratory/Physical Sciences Division1/1/201712/31/2017220,000.00 USD
Hydrometeorology TestbedInfrastructure Support for the Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeDavid Novak & Robert WebbNOAA/NWS/National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Weather Prediction Center, NOAA/OAR/Earth System Research Laboratory1/1/201712/31/2017284,906.00 USD
Hazardous Weather TestbedScience support proposal for the Joint Technology Transfer InitiativeLans Rothfusz & Alan GerardNOAA/OAR/National Severe Storms Laboratory1/1/201612/31/2017284,906.00 USD
InfrasoundAugmentation of VORTEX-SE Intensive Observations Period Measurements with Infrasound Observations to Detect and Track TornadoesCarrick TalmadgeUniversity of Mississippi10/1/201612/31/2017249,697.00 USD
InfrasoundDirect detection of tornadoes using Infrasound remote sensing: assessment of capabilities through comparison with dual polarization radar and other direct detection measurementsHank Reinhart & Kevin KnuppGeneral Atomics, University of Alabama in Huntsville10/1/20169/30/2017243,272.00 USD